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To support the long-term development of arts practice and artists. With this funding programme, we want to provide opportunities for experimentation, concept development, risk and innovation, practical research or work, and debate with peers. We want to extend and develop individual skills, experience, knowledge and networks within and across artforms. We will consider funding activities such as workshops, masterclasses, seminars, fellowships, wananga, mentoring, apprenticeships and residencies, overseas exchanges, relevant publications and, in some cases, costs towards travel relating to study.


Priority will be given to activities meeting one or more of the following criteria that: allow emerging artists to develop their skills, enable established artists to experiment, extend their professional knowledge and skills, or work towards completing a body of work, allow artists to develop their artistic expression and identity, encourage debate on arts practice in New Zealand and allow arts professionals to develop their skills. This could be in a variety of ways, including secondment to an organisation that demonstrates best practice: eg in marketing foster interaction in the creative process between a local community and established, professional artists foster greater understanding and experiences of Maori arts (in partnership with Tangata whenua). Please note: you cannot apply for funding for an ongoing programme of school or tertiary study, or for ongoing private tuition, either in NZ or overseas. Nor can you apply for projects to be assessed as part of the course work for tertiary study in New Zealand. You cannot apply for funding of activities that involve overseas courses for which there are comparable studies in New Zealand. Contests and competitions, where no separate professional development component exists, are unlikely to be funded. The lower end of the range is for short-term travel to attend an event (e.g. conference) and the upper end of the range is for longer-term travel with a more expansive itinerary.


The activity's potential contribution to arts development in New Zealand, the opportunities for artists that the activity provides whether the activity is well-planned and clearly focused on creative and/or professional development outcomes.